Thursday, 4 September 2014


"imagine if you will, a little boy who has a dream, a dream to communicate. He wishes he could answer your questions so that you understand his response. He wishes he could ask for clarification when he doesn't know exactly what you want him to say or do. He wishes to connect with his friends in their verbal play, or to raise his hand in eagerness to answer his teacher. Because in his mind, he knows what he wants to say, yet he just can't get it out. Imagine this little boy is yours"
~Speaking of Apraxia~Leslie A. Lindsay~
Well this little boy is mine

I began my blogging journey over at Playing and Learning Begins at Home . While there a wrote a few posts that I would like to share with you here on our journey so far with Apraxia.
Apraxia Awareness Day
Our story of recognising their was an issue and going through the process of diagnoses
Swinging, Jumping, Fish Oil and more
The early days on coming to terms with what we were up against
Hman's power words and a funny story about them!
Wishing you all the power of communication

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