Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Weetbix Number match!


This little activity was inspired by this sticker matching activity  from Kate over at

Just when I was wondering what I could use all the free number stickers I'd collected from my kids breakfast cereal Weet-Bix. It also came at the perfect time as my Hman has been showing a very strong interest in numbers and showing off his knowledge of number recognition. He is also beginning to make attempts to verbalise number names which is soooooo very exciting! What a clever chap he is!!


dependent on your child's level you can adjust this simple task for ages 3-6


  1. Focus words: same, different, match
  2. Number names             
  1. Number recognition
  2. Matching skills
  3. Fine motor control: Using two hands together to complete a task, pencil grip and control, crossing the midline to create a horizontal line.


This is so super easy to set up. All you need is a piece of paper and a marker. If you have any stickers that you have double up's of like these numbers that came with our box of Weet-Bix.
This does not have to be a number match. You could try colours, animals, shapes, words etc. If you don't have stickers just use your markers!


 To start Hman off we talked about the numbers we could see. He was so excited to see the numbers, bless him! I modelled for him how I could see some numbers the 'SAME'. I got him excited in what was expected by telling him we were going to show the numbers how to find their match by drawing a line. I showed him by drawing the first line. I found it helpful for Hman to show me to point to the matching number before he  drew the line. This gave him a clear idea of where he needed to go. Still we had a few misses but that's all part of the fun!
I made sure to focus on the number names and saying them clearly and slowly for him and prompting him to have a go. It was so exciting to see him start attempting to verbalise the number names!!

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